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The Darkest Hour

Mar 29, 2020

I had comedian and local Orlando podcaster Edwin Pagan was on the show. Edwin is a little more conservative that most of my friends so I was able to talk to him about Trump and what's wrong with Democratic Party. I also talk to Edwin about dating and he tell me how to get a girl to swipe right on Tinder. You'll get...

Mar 21, 2020

On my Facebook page I post a lot of political stuff and Aston Mack is one of those people who often reply. So I had him back on the show to talk about some of those people who post on my Facebook page and what is currently going on with the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mar 18, 2020

Another solo show but this time I tell you the reason why. A lot more stuff about dating this time around. That is really it, just a lot about my views on dating and maybe people won't like it. However I think it will give people a better understanding of my views.

Feb 13, 2020

I'm back baby! Sorry for the long delay, I had a lot to deal with but a ton to get off my chest. I talk about my sister Chekena and how I'm dealing with her passing. Watching a pick up artist work and my dating life since we're in February and I'm single. My current job and what I like and dislike about it. What's my...

Jan 1, 2020

New Year new me right? Nope! It's not like I have plans on being an asshole. I talked about my new job, goals for this year, my new computer and why I got one. I close out the show on a sad note but it's about being real. If I didn't tell you wants going on in my life and what's in my heart when why do these...