The Darkest Hour

On this episode I talk about growing as a person, girls I had crushes on in school and my high school reunion. One of my old friends showed up later on at the reunion and we talked about Butt Goblin. Do I think things over in my head a lot and do people think I'm crazy? I dig into my childhood and how I got some of my friends. You'll learn about how I open up about my faults. Why? Because we all aren't perfect and I love myself including my faults. 



Joe Spellman - Lonely Boy Andrew Gold Cover

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I'm back to talk about video games with my homeboy comedian and streamer Chris Alexander. He stop by with a high in Elite PS4 controller and went over what he use it for. We talked about E3 and who won over all. How they got The Witcher 3 to run on the Nintendo Switch? I give my break down on what I look for in a game that could be ported to the Switch. If you're into gaming you'll love this show folks, I know I did.



I am Jemboy, Too - Poochy Gang (Yoshi's Woolly World x Joyner Lucas)

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