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I had a fun time sitting down talking to Edwin Pagan about his time in the IT Field working in Cyber Security. Edwin hits the gym and is pretty thick so people often view him as a big meat head. He's really smart when it comes to tech and we touched hon how people misjudge us or overlook our skills based on looks. So he even give his take on Edward Snowden being on the Joe Rogan podcast. Do you really have the right to say whatever you want on a private website? Learn our take on that and oh so more baby.



Yoshi's Lounge


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I had my cousin Rashad Baker to talk about video games with me. We touched on Zelda: Link's Awakening frame rate but how good of a game it is. Trying to finish games but being an adult slowing us down. The good o' days of the Sega Dreamcast and what went wrong with Sega all together. Rashad isn't a fan of a lot of Sony first party titles but did play them. We touched on the PS5 and the Hong Kong protest plus so much more in this episode.



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grimy gambino

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I had my friend Alysa come on the show to talk about her trips to Thailand, Vietnam and other Asia countries. There was a lot of interesting stories and I really learned a lot so I hope you would too.



Ain't Nuttin but a Plastic Thang

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Another solo podcast with me folks, I want to talk about outrage culture, family and friends. Don't think I stop there because I go into detail about the screw up I made working for a company. Why was I down and out in my life? Well the reasons you might find odd but then again you're not me. I heard something that reminded me of my brother Gabe at an open mic. What's the next step I'm taking when it comes to comedy and my software development career? Find out all that and more in this Blackman Hour folks. 



God Only Knows ~ The Beach Boys (Para Doc Remake)

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This Political Hour I talked to Aston Mack solo because Steve couldn't make it for the debate. I've had Steven in solo so I figured I'll have Aston in as well to talk about this progressive views. We talk about Aston sounding Pro-life but being Pro-choice. We talk about Trump immigration policy and what he did different from Obama. Aston tell me about the History that wasn't written in books. Plus learn how the war on drugs effect our family.



My Neighbor Tupac


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I sit down and talk about all the crazy stuff going on in this country with my friend Ryan. People being to far left and right on the internet? Well why are we hearing so much from them when they're not the average everyday American. I talk about how I listen to conservative and liberal YouTubers. One of my lady conservative friends talk about not needing feminism so we had to go over that stuff. This is a wonderful action packed episode and it was a joy to chat with Ryan for over 2 hours.



Without Hydrogen

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On this episode I talk about growing as a person, girls I had crushes on in school and my high school reunion. One of my old friends showed up later on at the reunion and we talked about Butt Goblin. Do I think things over in my head a lot and do people think I'm crazy? I dig into my childhood and how I got some of my friends. You'll learn about how I open up about my faults. Why? Because we all aren't perfect and I love myself including my faults. 



Joe Spellman - Lonely Boy Andrew Gold Cover

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I'm back to talk about video games with my homeboy comedian and streamer Chris Alexander. He stop by with a high in Elite PS4 controller and went over what he use it for. We talked about E3 and who won over all. How they got The Witcher 3 to run on the Nintendo Switch? I give my break down on what I look for in a game that could be ported to the Switch. If you're into gaming you'll love this show folks, I know I did.



I am Jemboy, Too - Poochy Gang (Yoshi's Woolly World x Joyner Lucas)

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We finish up this Political Hour Episode with talks of being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice but as we get drunker then things get crazier. Aston is all about life is willing to save it anyway he can. Steve think that being married works out better for people sex life. We continue on with the American healthcare system. We talk about Illegal Immigration in this country and becoming US Citizen.



Mario's A Bitch (Super Mario World × Nas Mashup)

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On the show I had my friend Steven and Aston. Aston is very Liberal and is a Steven Conservative so they debate along party lines a lot of things. You'll get to hear about freedom of speech and the Green New Day on this episode. Plus opportunity and mobility in America. I did the research to help find the answers. Plus we talk about the US Healthcare system before we end the show.



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I had two Orlando comedians on the show. We talked about the Orlando Comedy scene. We have a newer comedian and a vet so you'll get a good take when it comes to doing comedy. 

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Solo podcast again but I talk about what people are dealing with behind the scenes and how I helped. Learning from other people past mistakes and all the secrets I'm keeping for others. Then I ask the question why is it OK to write someone else off really fast and not your friend when they do something wrong? I'm going deep on this one folks.



Tom Dunce - Paper Heart (Prod. Wobble)

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Today on the show I had my cousin Rashad Baker on to talk about video games. We talk about video games that are coming to Switch and how good 3rd parties are doing. Dark Souls type games that are hard to play that we don't have time for. Blackman talked about the Orlando Comedy Gaming Scene and much more. This was a very fun episode and I'm sure you guys will love my cousin Rashad for sure.



digboy - Chance's Retur

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I'm back to talk about how normal my life is again. This time I touch on how our comedy scene in Orlando need to be and do better. Being broke and I how I had to deal with it a few times in my life. Dating still sucks and I'm not into it really. 



the beach boys - god only knows (loose body parts remix)

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Caroline Vale is back to talk about martial arts and being a tattoo artist. We talked about the "No All Men" reply to things and I even learn something about myself. Caroline doesn't even like being touched so messages could be a no go zone in select cases.



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J-KELL$ - Kid Cudi + Zelda 64 - Day N Nite(Great Fairy's Fountain)


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It's been a long time but I got a chance to sit down with Drew Owens and talk tech again. I've let him know about updates I wanna make to my UI framework. Microsoft Hololens 2 cost $5,000 and who will pay that much? People aren't but factories have found out what to do with it. I went into details about a project I worked on and why I picked Unity3D over HTML5.



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digboy - Chance's Return To Dreamland

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This comedy recap I'm giving you a deep drive into my hosting at Austin's Coffee. On top of that I end the show with something from 2009. I've been doing comedy for over 10 years easy but I always like to look back and show people how far I've come. 




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I had my friend Ryan, Amy and Caroline over for dinner then did a podcast after. We talked everyday life stuff and politics so it's a pretty mixed episode. Should a person in HR call them boobs, breast or titties? You'll be shocked with the girls answer...because you already know mines. When it comes to suicide, do men go the more violent rout? It's a pretty dialed back show that was pretty fun and I enjoyed myself.



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Rifti Beats - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme (Hip Hop / Trap Remix)

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This year gotta come to an end sooner or later right? Well like every year I'm going to end this year with a Blackman Hour. I talk about dating, the Orlando comedy scene and work. I talk about the girl I'm dating right now and the problems we're having. You get to find out why I don't like to tell people my dating life for a reason. How does it feel when you put off seeing one of your parents. Oh by the way this episode is clean with no bad works. Now it's fun for the whole family baby.




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I talk to my friend Chris who is a comedian and Twitch Streamer about video games. Learn about why we don't play MMO games anymore and what MMO games we did like back in the day. Fallout 76 and what's wrong with the game. What games need to come to the Nintendo Switch? Chris think it should be all of them. What good apps you find on game consoles? What should Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo when it comes to the next gen consoles and should they wait? All that and more on this show folks.



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Labrynthske - BabyWipe X Yoshi's Island

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I sit down with Clayton Anderson and later Comedian X. Listen as we talk about comedy as Clayton talk about quitting but I told him he's not. You'll love to hear drunk Clayton touch on why comedy suck now and go all out on people.



WAVE - Wii Shopfire (Wii Shop x Bonfire)

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I talk about the date I went on and how things panned out from there. I had to vent about my job again plus I go into details on some of my political views. My friend had a Angelo Birthday showcase I was on where I talked to this girlfriend about how they met. Which leads into who comedians are on and off stage are different in most cases.



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jay squared - heartstrings feat. whyandotte [prod. by rook1e]

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I had Asanga Wimalasekera back on to talk about the Mid-Terms, Amendments and Civil Rights. You'll hear a lot about the Democratic Party screw ups and how working 2 or 3 jobs sucks. Listen to this $15 an power hour babies.



The Nick Show - Finesse x Remember the time


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It's been awhile so I sat down to talk to Zack my co-host and friend from The Offensive Line podcast. We chatted a lot about video games. He's a big N64 kid, while I enjoy the Super Nintendo and Sega Gen days. You get a chance to hear Zack and I sound like friends for an hour.



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Another solo rant about what's going on in my world. Trust me folks I'm trying to put out more of these. I talk about my screw up with one of my friends. Dating apps and how well black people do on them. Having things happen that you think I would be "Oh Happy Day" about. Plus co-work telling me how bad I'm getting worked over. Why I'm still working my current job? You'll find all that and more. If you think my friend Caroline is pretty follow her on IG.



Bit Funk - The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Bit Funk Remix)

Oh Happy Day" (Original)(1968) Edwin Hawkins & Northern California State Youth Choir


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I had a house warming party so I let people from the party come into the studio and chat it up. This podcast goes all over the place. However you get to hear drunk and sober people talk about life, dating and so much more.

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I had my friend CrossFit Steve on because he has very conservative views. Steven find it kind of hard why I have some progressive views but I tried to cover some of them in this show. Steve talked about his reason for wanting to cut social programs, alt-left and alt right groups. We both learn something and maybe you guys will too. It's hard to fact check one another but we were both ok if or when we got something wrong.

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I'm back with another random life update. I talk about my job, dating life and the Orlando Comedy scene. Two of my friends broke up and I had to meet somewhere in the middle after hearing both sides of the story. A well known guy showed up at the Orlando Improv and getting pissed at upper management having me work crazy hours. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to this show.




Naji - Blood, Sex & Magic

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I had my friend Caroline on the podcast to play catch up. I talked about woman making a move on me and how things still don't equal out due to the fact Caroline had much worst. I asked if she post screen cap of what men saying dating apps. We even get a little update on her dog Bojack what kind of snack he enjoys.



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MF PICKLE-O - Childish Gambino Waits To Play Mario Kart Wii Online, But He Realises They Turned Off The Servers

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I set down with Orlando Comedian and Twitch streamer Chris Alexander to talk about video games. We touched on how streaming works and what kind of games to stream. What was the best E3 show and how each gaming company faired. When it comes to scary video games what would be the best one to make. Do you play video games with jump scares? Find out if Chris and I do on this show.



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When I first started doing the comedy recap it was because I stop hosting a place and didn't feel like I was a grade-A comedian. I went back in time but now I'm going to show you how things sound in 2018. This is some new age comedy when it comes to picking on a guy that was in the friend-zone, finding out a girl had a black boyfriend. Plus I talk about them titty and booty meats know you know and love.



toonlink421 - Baby, I'm Sans

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I know it's been a long time but I give a good reason at the start of the show. I talk about leaving my job and my apartment with a good reason why. Talking to my friend while helping me move. Getting a better understand of marriage due to my friend being with his wife for 5 years. Why I'm missing out on dating and how I feel about other comics in the scene. You get a lot out of me this episode and I hope you enjoy it.



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Robotaki - Butterscotch (feat. Jamie Fine x falcxne)

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Let's continue our talk for the last podcast with Ryan and I. We talked more about Common Core, programming and comedy. We talked about the "This is America" video and what details we missed. How we feel about Kanye West supporting Trump and one of his new song. Some comic book movies and what DC movies worked. Plus a little more politics when it comes to what the Democratic Party did wrong.



Mr_Wo​B - Speedom Smash [+ YT VIDEO!]

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Ryan and I talk tech and programming for awhile. Ryan works in the same field as me so we talk about what programming languages and frameworks we use at work. What makes the Nintendo Switch so great? On top of that would you mod yours? There is a lot of video game talk as well. Later in the show we politics, police brutality and dating.

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I'm trying to get you more podcast a month right? So what better way to do that than to have Zack back on the show. This podcast wasn't as sad but it cover being bullied. Zack has a different way to handle it than I do for sure. Zack grew up on N64 while I was a Super Nintendo and Sega Gen kind of guy. You can dig a little deep and understand the host of The Offensive Line a little more.



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Elevated Mind - Goldeneye

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I was able to get my friend Clayton back into the studio after The Offensive Line Podcast to just chat and drink beers. We talked about how the internet was in the 90's, video gaming with his childhood friends and he even went on a rant at the end. There is a lot of things I don't want to give away but this will help people understand my friend Clayton a lot better.



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BotanicSage [BS] - 16BIT Magic

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I'm flying solo again babies! No big deal because I had a lot to get off my mind anyways. I felt like I've been getting dogged out so I'm trying to figure out what moves to make. You miss all the shots you don't take right? Well how about I was still to scared to take it and someone else did. One of my OG friends backed out of a trip we all planned? Find out the reason why because I've been in the same spot and I picked my friends.



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I am Jemboy, Too - Ten Camp Commandments (AC: Pocket Camp x Notorious B.I.G. Mashup)

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I had my friend Caroline Vale back to the show to play catch up because I haven't seen her in awhile. We talk about Natura our old hangout being closed. Katy Perry and Aziz Ansari being creepy in her eyes. Plus how to go about asking for sex. Have you been doing it wrong the whole time? Find out on this episode.




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DAN SIR DAN - policy (feat. Jonny Jukebox)

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How does Zack Stacks sound outside of The Offensive Line? Well you'll find out in this very dark and hard hitting show. Zack talks about break ups, touches on his mother being on drugs and so much more. We even get into the N-word fallout and how I felt about him saying it on the The Offensive Line.  This podcast will show you a part of Zack you never seen before. I enjoyed this and hope to do it again.


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Red​Screen - MCreed

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I had my friend friend Andy Martin from Gainesville on the show. We talk about how things where when I stayed there. Andrew is much like me, hate the PC culture and how comedy is going. Crazy thing he voted for Trump and watch Alex Jones but I'm ok with that but some people are not. We even tried to figure out if we're Peters-in-law. Find what all that means and more babies.



Alex Jones Clip Compilation

Info Wars



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This is the podcast with Billy Myers III and Zach Bennett! More details later I just wanna to get this out.

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_107.mp3
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I had a lot to get off my chest so I guess it's time for another Blackman Hour right? I talk about a new person they kicked out of the Orlando comedy scene. What did a year of CrossFit do for me. Does words hurt me? Well I guess it's based on who is saying it. Plus our is my gaming project going? I'll answer all of that and more in this episode. I talk about my rants on Twitter as well. It's action packed babies!



My Twitter Page


Stranger Things Theme x Childish Gambino by kmlkmljkl (Rap Remix)

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When we were little our dad called me Starbuck and my brother Gabe Big Bird. That is why the podcast is named that just to get that out of the way. In this episode you get to hear me and my brother talk about dating, homeless people, old school cartoons and much more. You get to even hear my brother take on Zack Stacks.



falcxne - Reminisce (off 'Crumbs: Leftover Timbits')

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The last Blackman Hour for this year. I did a lot of venting about the Orlando Comedy Scene in this one. Yes, even when comedians say stuff about my set how it effected my set. I don't want to do select shows anymore because of it in fact. I've been labeled and how it effected not just me but other people as well. I talk about my brother Gabe and how he's coming back into town soon. I got into detail about a projects I worked on at work and at home.



Rick & Morty EVIL MORTY (Trap Remix)

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I talk to my cousin Rashad again about what video games we're playing. I touched on how Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus looks great and how hard that game was. Playing Assassin's Creed: Origins on XboxOne X hardware. Rashad likes the old school Devild May Cry games why I'm into the DmC reboot. You'll hear how far we gotten in Mario Odyssey since we're always busy. This show we talked about how much we like the Nintendo Switch and what games we're looking for playing in 2018 as well.



Nobody Ink [Endolphin Choke]

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Yoli stop by with her co-workers Ashly and Brittany talked about there Tourme App. You'll learn how the app work and what else is on the market. How it was developed and even stories about there travels because of the app. Also remind me to get better selfie lighting in the studio.



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Jelani Malik - Free Fall Ft. Wil Blunt & Menlo Black


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This show I talk about Louis C.K. and the comic was kicked off the scene Adam Avitable. How I don't know that many comics on a personal level and how I'm trying to change that now.  More details about what's going on at work, my family and more.


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DAN SIR DAN - cloudy (feat. Lana Lubany)

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I did it! People don't understand hitting 100 Episodes is like one of the greatest things you can do for a podcast. So I called up a few people that I've had on the show in the past and had little mini Episodes in this one. I started it off like a Blackman Hour, then I went into a Feminist, Political, Video Game Hour and much more. I'm not going to give anything away but you're going to love the guest I had on the show.


Dies Irae by Deuxvolt

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_100.mp3
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I sat down with Republican Niko Davis and had a really good political chat. You get to hear how women and gay rights are viewed by a new age Republican. Once again we touch on gun rights after the mass shooting that happen in Las Vegas. Healthcare and a basic income for the country. Oh and let's not forget Puerto Rico and how things where handle by Trump. This was a great show and you're going to love it.



IAmMelloYellow - Luma's Space Oddity

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_99.mp3
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I sit down with my cousin Rashad to talk about Doom running on the Nintendo Switch. What games we're playing and what games we need to go back and finish. Plus get two black men take on pewdiepie dropping a n-bomb on a let's play video.



I am Jemboy, Too - Work It Hallway (Luigi's Mansion x Missy Elliott Mashup)

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_98.mp3
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I was going to name this the being a Political D Hour because we get side tracked with some stuff. However this one was mostly talking politics with Chandra. We talk about Antifa and how they're not the Alt-Left. An update on Trump and how he's handling things. Plus Chandra talks about his job and how much politics play a role in what he's doing.


Brother in ARMS Goes Away

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_97.mp3
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It's me talking about how bad things are going at work. A story about I got a deed I did on an out of town showcase. My take on fame and power. Plus the Comedy Podcast showdown that happen thanks to my co-host Zack from The Offensive Line.



Kenny's Medical Expenses

The Iron Oath: Dark Turn-based Tactical RPG

The Offensive Line Website

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_96.mp3
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I had Eric and Nick to talk tech and programming. Yes, I was tired and I'm guessing drunk on this podcast. I'm not going to edit anything I'm just going to let it ride. I did talk about a project I worked on but that's pretty much all I remember that was good. 



MatrixMarioX - Super Shibuya-Cho Hill

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_95.mp3
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It's me really just me. I wanted to throw out a little update with what's going on in my life. I talked about the chaos going on at work. How things are going on at Public House when it comes to my comedy showcase. Even a little update on the other podcast on the Offensive Line Network. Plus I talked about my damn cat. Then I close out with people hitting up on Facebook Messager with very shocking stuff.



Lonely Rolling Star (EggHedd Trap Remix, 100 Follower Special)

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_94.mp3
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Let's time to look back with another comedy recap baby! This is where I give you details on some of the jokes and how I feel about older clips. Listen to me grow as a comedian with old clips from back from 2007 and newer clips from 2017. Some of the stuff you'll hear on this show is stuff I never played anywhere else. 



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16BIT Magic

Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_93.mp3
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Claire from the Mind Altered Podcast talked to me about booty holes, dating, fight, martial arts and so much more. Claire has a very good take on feminism. Plus you'll be shocked with her views on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.



Mind Altered Podcast Website

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Mind Altered Podcast Instagram




Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_92.mp3
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Abigail and Asanga join me to talk about very Liberal subjects. We talk about The UC Berkeley protest and riots. Political Correctness and how it effected me. How much is to much? Should we let older people get a pass? What about Neutral Pronouns? Do you want to be called Ze or Zir? Learn all of this and more the first Liberal Hour!




Direct download: The_Darkest_Hour_Episode_91.mp3
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I sat down with one of my female friends that wanted to be on the podcast and talked for an hour. I asked about dating people in the work place. Caroline even talk about her job and trying to do comedy. Plus I know some of you want to hear me to say the word "Titty".

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Today I had Andy Polidore from the 8-bit Bourbon podcast on to talk about comedy and video games. Yes, the first part of the podcast was about comedy but don't worry the rest of it is about eSports, Zelda: BotW, the Nintendo Switch and Horizon Zero Dawn. It was good to hear from Andy and it was great talking about video games again. So listen to an hour and 20 minutes of pure fucking gold my friends.



Let Me Clear My Wallet

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Man, I've done 10 of these so far. Crazy right? Yes, I've talked to myself of 10 of these. Anyways listen to me talk about being down for a few months, Trump and how I feel about the state of the country. What made me go to the gym. I even touch on some behind the scenes stuff with The Offensive Line podcast and much more.

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I sit down with my friend Drew Owens talk tech and programming. I talk about the frameworks and updates I've made at work. We go over using Raspberry Pi for a Desktop and gaming console. Plus the Nintendo Switch is the specs up to par with an XboxOne and PS4. No, but you'll like to hear my take on it anyways.



Juicy J x Zelda - Bandz A Make Her Dance (Hitmane Kokirimix)

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Blackman talk to gamers Dustin and David about the upcoming Nintendo Switch and older game consoles. How will the Nintendo Switch online service work? What games are they looking forward to in 2017? Find out all of that and more in this new info filled video game podcast.



Offensive Line Network

Comedian Erick Feiling Facebook



Egg Planet | Super Mario Galaxy | Soundtrack

DuckTales Remastered - Moon Theme Remix


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Another show with a different Feminist! This time we got Abigail, she sat down to talk to me about birth control, open relationship and equal pay. How about getting rejected and how to deal with it. Even a little bit of politics since she worked for Senator Bernie Sanders. How do she feel about Donald Trump? Trust me it won't shock you...but listen anyways.



Women Are Still Paid Less Than Men



Mari - Colorful Living

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I've taken 2 weeks off from work and I got some time on my hand so here is another solo podcast for you. You get to hear me talk about how my job tried to screw me over with a raise this year. The showcase I run and the showcases I'm doing. My doctor check up and what the details on that. I blocked someone on Facebook and I'll try to give you a good reason why. You'll love this one boys and girls.



Jet Set Radio Future Soundtrack - Aisle 10 (Hello Allison)

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I sit down with Adam Baynard from the 8bit Bourbon to talk gaming. I talked about getting an 4K TV and Final Fantasy XV. Adam talked about giving his old game consoles away. Adam and I talk about people not being able to tell the difference 480p and 1080p. We touched Nintendo Switch have a better online gaming network. What do I think about Final Fantasy XV? The Nintendo Switch? Plus playing games on the PS4 Pro with an 4K TV? Find out by listening to this show.

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Stanley Miniszewski from the Big Papa Podcast talked to me about what's going on after the Trump election. We talk about how Trump got elected how people acted after. This is a different take and you might have that you have a lot in common with a conservative. 

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Danny and Cody from PKF are back for another Comedy Hour. This time they were able to get me to talking about going to the company Christmas Party. Plus we talked about Overwatch and the 2016 Election. This show was more playing catch up with one another more than anything else.

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It's time to look back on over 10 years of comedy with me. This recap you get to learn about a girl that dress like a cat, listen to Danny improv and some of the crazy stuff I said to people over the years. In fact you can even listen to something that happen in 2016. So you can see how far I've come when it comes to doing stand-up comedy here in Orlando.




Comedian Erick Feiling


Busta Rhymes Goes To The Wii Shop Channel

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Blackman chat with this friend Dustin about what's going on in the current 2016 election. You can kiss and grab whatever you want long as you're rich right? Is Blackman ok with paying taxes? What about the current drug and gun laws? How here is a big fan of Obamacare? When you have friends on the right and left you get a pretty open minded middle of the road Blackman.



Matt Harper - Arcade

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Caroline Vale sit down with me to talk about equal pay for women and being pro-choice. Getting a Sugar daddy's and are they right for you? I try to tell Caroline when is the right to tell a guy you got a boyfriend or friend zone him.



Crossfade (Lucio Overwatch Remix)

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Danny and Cody from PKF are back for another Comedy Hour. I feel like we try to top ourselves every show and it works. Cody tells a story about being a Comic-Con.  I'm a man of my word and we did the Booty BS Hour and then ended the show talking about currently what's going on in our life. The funny doesn't turn off when the talks get real either.

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Doing another solo podcast again folks! This time I talk about losing the open mic I hosted, feeling like an outcast and starting a new comedy showcase. I talked about getting a cat and my friends helping with her the first week. Then I give you a good look into the companies I worked for in the past. So when it comes to a good point in life when was it for you? Find out when it was for me.



BotanicSage [BS] - Character Choices

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Here is the audio from my 35th party! I had to cut out 2 hours out of it, so everything you're hearing is the best that I selected.

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I sit down and talk video games with Adam Baynard from 8-Bit Bourbon. We started off by talking about what the Nintendo NX is and if it's a good idea if it's a mobile platform that doubles as a home console. The joy of playing Overwatch with people and No Man's Sky. At one point my audio sounds bad because I was using my web cam by mistake. However Adam sounds great!

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I had Sophia DiPietro from the RawEntPodcast on today to talk business. How to start an LLC, 401k and crazy ideas that made people money. I talked about wanting to start a business then came up with some great names. Plus you want to get back at someone you hate? There are options out there. So suit up because I mean business this time around.




Get Wario Money (WAHales)



PodcastRaw Twitter

Hoopculture Store

Start a Business in Flordia

Visionary Drone Media

Blackman Twitter

Blackman Comedy Page

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You want to hear me doing comedy over the years? Well I'm going to jump back like 3 years and work my way forward. Trust me I have more then this saved online. Pretty much how it works is I play a clip and then I talk about it. You don't get to this point over night. It takes years of hard work and I how you enjoy it.



Jessie AKA The Bouncer

Erick Feiling Twitter

Comedian Erick Feiling Facebook

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I tried to hold back and I had to put out another Blackman Hour for you guys. This time around helping programmers at work and how I teach people. Talked about my current project at home and what path I'm taking with that. Not being able to get on a comedy showcase because of my style comedy. Plus my oldest brother being mad things that happen at the reunion. Plus dating in the work place? Will I do it? There is only one way to find out.

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David Covert a smart peaceful man knows a lot about Religion. So he came on the show to get the word out about faith. If you're a church going person you might not like this show. However you will learn something about the old teachings. David is a pretty funny guy and it was great having him on the show.



I'll Libera Myself From Hell

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Chandra, Asanga and Blackman sit down to talk about the Orlando shooting. Where were everyone while it was taking place. Why did the guy do it and how he got on and off the FBI watch list. Then they talked about passing laws that don't step on Americans rights with common sense things that are supported.



Hope to See You Again

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It's very rare when I do one of these but it's me again solo. In fact I figured it was so good I waited 2 weeks to put it out. I talk about being used by friends, one of them even ended up in jail. This show I go into great detail about being a little brother and respect I had for of my older brothers.



I Don't Like Dreamland, I Love It

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Blackman is back with his friend Nick to sit down and play catch up. Nick make walking Tacos and started up a hookah for this Happy Hookah Hour. Nick talked about being a father, working on the road and plus what guys would do to see titties at music festivals and events. It's a pretty good one don't miss out.



Wonderball 101 - Tables Turnover (Quad City DJs vs Platinum Star Games feat. Fort Minor)

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Blackman and Chandra sit down to talk about all the crazy stuff that is going on in the world again. Now only that Chandra talks about Math and Blackman tries to keep up with him. If you got the smarts listen to this but if not...listen to it anyways. This is the 4th one and Chandra loves the number 4.



J-Rican - First Time

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Blackman sits done with long time gay friend Edric. Who is also joined by another gay guy he knows. The boys talk about playing dress up in drag and wearing high heel shoes. Different different of gay men out there in the world other then bears. Blackman was quiz on bottoms, tops and even power bottoms. Then Edric and his friend tell there coming out stories. So get your mix drink ready because we're going to gay it up for a few hours.

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Drew, Blackman and new guest Eric talk about programming. Blackman talks about his current project and moving to HTML5. Eric talks about getting a chance to work at Amazon and Apple over the Summer. This is a good funny techie podcast without that low level nerd talk.


Dr. Soulja

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Danny and Cody are back for another comedy hour with Blackman. Cody try to force Danny to say the N-word the whole show. Danny and Cody tell Blackman why they like him to do his Donald Duck impression. The boys do a freestyle rap battle using an app that Blackman didn't really understand how it works. Then the show ends the way it always do with speed blow jobs and classical music.

PS: Updated to add beeps for someones  name.

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Demetrius Watts or D-Watts was on the podcast the podcast to talk to Blackman about what's going on in the world. They talk about comedy, politics and racism. You will enjoy this 2 hour chat and best of all you get to know D-Watts.


"Working Class Heroes" off of CeeLo's New Album Heart Blanche

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What's Rule #1 people!? You don't bring flowers to the Freak Nasty Hour! That's what my girls are back and we talk about all kinds of freak nasty stuff this time around. We up the level of nasty. You think they don't like strip clubs? Well they do! You think they can't handle a cream pie? It's no big deal! How you like it? From the back? The side? Really fast and hard? We got your nasty ass covered! I'm not going to give anything away, but let me ask this first....You got a big dick? Then whip it out because we got things to do!

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Blackman is back with Chandra Kethi-Reddy to just talk about what's going on in this country. A lot of talk about Trump and trying to figure out if it's hate or rage. Females hitting on guys and playing mind games on women. Taking meds and owning guns also was talked about in great detail on this show as well. Over 2 hours of talking it out and that's why it's called the Intellectual Hour.



MADWORLD: Full OST - Look Pimpin'(Sick YG)

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Today on the show I talk about moving up on the company he works for. Taking off from work for a friend in need. The passing of another friend and the effect he had on me. Racism and hate in the world I give my updated take on things.

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Black, White, Yellow and Brown! It's not the color of a flag! It's all the people on the podcast. Diana Jang, Chandra and Chandra's white friend. Can't feel odd talking about what's going on in the world with these people. Black History Month or just History all together? What's the deal with gay and straight people trying to get people to switch sides? We also take politics when it comes rights.

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Asanga Wimalasekera and Blackman sit down to talk about what's going on when it comes to politics. They give there take on Iowa then New Hampshire primaries. The over all state of the election when it comes to the RNC and DNC. Plus Asanga give his take on the Oregon when it comes to the stand off. While Blackman ask a very hard question about being pro-life.

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Blackman, Danny and Cody are back but this time with Zack from The Offensive Line Podcast. This show everyone did karaoke which made for a very different show. The thing is it's karaoke with a spin. Enjoy this show because it's all over the place.

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See Blackman get all smart again with his friend Chandra. Will Capitalism work forever? What is the best way to patch up our food source for an ever growing population? Do Non profit organizations help or hurt when it comes to Capitalism in the US. Blackman give his take on what he'll do with his money if he was rich. Chandra and Blackman didn't see eye to eye on everything but it was still a great show.


Chandra Twitter:

Twitter - @thechandrakr


Blackman's Info:

Facebook - Comedian Erick Feiling

Twitter - @erick_feiling

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The most epic Blackman Hour to date my friends, I'm sure when the Blackman Hour 5 come out it might be even more epic. I was on Episode 107 8-bit Bourbon and we talked about our favorite games of the year, so I talked about that. There was a lot of venting about my current job, having bros in different area codes and much more. There is talks about dating again but this time talked about having a crush. What about getting labeled on Facebook and getting your comments deleted? All that and more!

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Blackman, Martin and Drew are back again for another video game hour, this show they talk about the inner workings of game studios. Everyone talking about what they are playing. Blackman give his take on the new Nintendo NX platform and some of the game engines being used. If you like games and hardware then this is the show for you.

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Blackman and Chandra are talking about politics and a few things on the outside of that. They talk about the GOP debate and why Trump is doing so well. Is the media blowing Bernie Sanders even after draws a lot of people to his events. The good and bad things Obama has done. Would movement would Blackman join BlackLivesMatter or Occupy Wall Street? Find out in this show.

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I renamed The Diabetes Hour to the Comedy Hour because it makes more since. Blackman is back with Danny and Cody to talk about life in the most case funny manner. Cody talk about his girlfriend and Blackman talks about a girl coming on to strong. It's crazy, random and down right awesome.

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In the second half you'll learn that Blackman and Chandra score pretty low in school. How would you feel about taking meds to help get things done? Blackman and Chandra goes some of there past jobs and how corporate American screw people. If you like all the smart talk but a drunker version of it. 

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Blackman invited on his friend Chandra, a student at UCF on the show to talk about some of upcoming bio-tech and computer technology. Culture and how the human mind work and what are some of the ways to get over some of the problems we're having. Chandra is fine with GMO food and growing meat in a lab. You want to hear Blackman take his nerd to the next level? Well keep it locked in for the Intellectual Hour my friends.

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Costi Hinn talks to Blackman about conspiracy theories. Costi goes over what is Psi-Ops. You'll learn things about the drag war, getting label a terrorist group and being side track by simple things. This is a funny but really crazy podcast when it comes to topics. They did get side tracked but over all still a really good time.

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