The Darkest Hour

Cody Bush, Danny Loecken and Blackman did a comedy filled podcast. It started to take an unhealthy turn we the boys talked about Wilford Brimley and speed cock sucking. Cody started off the show about talking about sending a dick pic to a girl. Cody and Danny wonder if Blackman always talked the way he did. Danny got Blackman to do Disney characters voices.

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Blackman does the news! That's right when it comes to technology, entertainment and politics we got you covered. With a very real take on things, there is no point of sugar coating stuff people. What's Blackman's take on the video game console wars? What about movie stars and singers? We can't give you 24 hour coverage but we can give you a good time.


News Stories:

Platts Snapshot: All eyes on OPEC's next move as low crude price fuels tension

Man Killed by Plainclothes Cop in Florida Had Gun, Police Say

Android 6.0 Marshmallow streamlined in the new Wunderlist to-do app update

Taylor Kinney Jokes That Lady Gaga's On Screen Sex Scenes are 'Awkward'

Microsoft No Longer Cares To Tell Us How Many Xbox Ones It's Sold

Caitlyn Jenner Wears the Same Dress That Kate Middleton Wore to Announce Her Engagement

Ahmed Mohamed Clocks Out Of America


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Blackman had Costi Hinn and Asanga Wimalasekera join him to chat about some of the latest political topics. Costi is a gun owner and we had a really good talk about guns, mental health and what gun laws would be ok to pass. Asanga and Costi talk about the good and bad of the TPP. The attacks on doctors without borders hospital. Costi gives an update on what's going on in the Middle East. Let's not forget the 2016 presidential candidates, who is Blackman going for?

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Blackman sits down with Drew Owens to talk about the latest in tech. Blackman talks about his work projects and the problems he had getting stuff to work. Drew learned about a new chip that can destroy itself and the Nvidia gaming console. Blackman talks about Unity3D and UE4. Then the show ended with Blackman talking about his current project and what it could be used for.


YIN - On and on (ft. LOTUS)

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Blackman is here with Ant and Drew to talk about some of the stuff going on with the black community. Getting profile in todays world and how it was handle. We talked about #BlackLivesMatter movement plus touch on other hashtags like #LaughtingWhileBlack. The young Middle Easter boy Ahmed Mohamed with this clock. Is there profiling in porn? You'll be shocked to hear the take on these things, you shouldn't judge this episode by the title...right?


Jam - Rock Steady (For One Night) (Prod. kfelk x tony old school)

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William Rodriguez is back again with Teah plus we add star of The Secret Life of Sarah Sheldon Comedian Brenda Lamberty got into the mix. Blackman is talking about titties but Brenda talks about penis. However over all this podcast is pretty much talk about the comedy scene in Orlando. William pretty much told everyone to kiss his ass. It all comes down to politics you just gotta know how to play the field.

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Blackman found a new feminist by the name of Sarah Carter to come on the show and talk about things that females have to deal with. Blackman's sister and his nephew walks in on the recording. Sarah clears up some of the pro-life questions that Blackman has. What would Blackman do if he was a stay at home dad? Females in gaming! What's wrong with it and how to correct it. Then they ended the show with guys getting friend zoned. Blackman talked about how Sarah friend sent him to the friend zone. I don't say this often but this is a really good show!

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Well I got a lot on my mind so let me set back and tell you about it. Learn about why I have my left and right leaning views. There is some more Hashtag stuff going on with #LaughingWhileBlack. I've almost got fired which that was fun after making a ground breaking program that caused a lot of drama at work. I can give you an update on one of my projects at home. Then end the show talking about the comedy scene here in Orlando. I didn't want to write this from the 3rd person view. That's kinda know it's me.

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Blackman had a Birthday party on August 15th and here is the audio for that event. Over 3 hours of audio edited down of some of the best times at the party. Hear from some of Blackman's friends growing up including Jason, Erica and Robbie. Listen as Damien get drunk and hit on guys. Let's not forget we can end the night with a free style rap from Penguin Knife Fight members and a drunken Zack on the whole show. This was funny, it was great and let's not forget it was a party!

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Blackman and Cody talk about live as stand-up and improv comics. Some people trying to take a break from always being funny. The Daily Show ending and what effect it had on us. Ceil the Lion and a white kid getting killed. Dating life when it comes to the boys. So you might now want to miss this one because there is even an free style after the break. Plus that's when Diana Jang joins in.



*PACMAN*AKA*PAC* - PACMAN*-Rhymes Are Written (Produced By Only1dob)

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Rule #1 people! You don't bring flowers to the Freak Nasty Hour. That's right Vanessa and Melissa are back with real girl talk. Blackman ask the girls what kind of porn the girls watch. Using sex toys and Vanessa wanting more sex from a guy that she's hooking up with. Blackman show the girls a super small dick that has been shown to other people. Plus the show is topped off with new sex stories and drinking man juice. Let's get drunk and down right nasty baby!

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The Tech Hour is back with more nerds and more good times! Blackman manage to get a few UCF engineers into the studio to talk about what they're working on and more. Adobe Flash Zero day holes that will get your computer hacked. The cheating website and what it means for the people who sign up. Hacking cars and much more! This show is more funny than nerdy.

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Blackman the crack the mic and start speaking his mind again on this show. It went a lot smoother this time around. This show he talks about his job, side projects he's working on. After the break he goes on how he love the other podcast he ad-swap with. What is going on with the The Offensive Line Podcast and the amount of work he puts into it. Plus Blackman had to go to the hospital? Find out why in this hour long show.

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Blackman talks with Alex Barlotta about video games. They go over some of the games they seen at E3. Talked about what games they're currently playing. What Nintendo is doing wrong and what they could do right with there next Nintendo NX platform. Devices like VR Headsets, Microsoft Hololens and what would you use them for. Blackman rants about developing games and how the current company he work for could use game development to push the company forward.



Killzone 2 - Helghan Forever

Halo 2 Anniversary Soundtrack

Mute City - Mario Kart 8 OST

Street Fighter's 5th: Guile's Theme vs Beethoven For Orchestra

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Asanga Wimalasekera is back to talk politics with Blackman. This time around we talk about the shooting with the hate that come out of it. More on gun laws, attack in Texas and what freedom of speech. Well everyone was worried about the race war that was about to start the TTP got passed so they touched  on that and what that means for the American people as well.



Open Secrets

I Side With



Rand Paul

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

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We're back this week with Danny Loecken and Croix Provence from Penguin Knife Fight. Blackman screw up his order when going on a food run. There are talks of the Kool-Aid man, cereal and 90's music to the pure moon. There is more random comedy coming your way in the second part of the show.



John David Williams - Apart, Together

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Danny Loecken and Croix Provence from Penguin Knife Fight stop by to do improve with Blackman. I don't even want to give away anything here but let's just say that thinking of random silly things to say happens most of the show. This is part of of all the crazy that happens. 

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Blackman had his Asian friends Tuyen Le and Peter on the show. They talked about there childhood, homeland and snacks. Tuyen used a banana leaf to get things done. Blackman is shocked about the price of food over in Vietnam. Everything from J-Pop to K-Pop and more on the show.


Peter's Info:



Chocolate Disco-Perfume English/Japanese lyrics

Kenichiro Nishihara - Get Inside Your Heart (ft. Pismo)

Tuyen Le - Down South

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Blackman had on his friend Chad to about drinking while get this...drinking. They touched on other drugs as well but for the most part it when back to talking about liquor and getting blacked out drunk. Chad and Blackman traded crazy stories from the past. Blackman goes into detail about the drunk he dated years back. Chad ask Blackman what mix drinks he enjoy. Don't black out but remember to drink up.


Kevin Felker - Restless

Hense3rd - Downtown

Jelani Malik - Hurricane




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Blackman sits down with this friend Andy to talk about people getting butt hurt over words. They go over racism and learn what is the root of all the hate. Blackman tell stories of upsetting people when it comes to the LGBT community. Guys white knighting for women when it's not really needed or not understanding the full story. Then going over how patriots love this country but over look what freedom of speech really means. There is no reason to be so sensitive boys and girls. Sometimes we just got to tell you like it is.



Tuyen Le (Interstellar Drive 5)

Beastie Boys - No Sleep 'til Brooklyn [iDrive5 Remix]

Malik Williams (Jelani Malik)

Free Fall Ft. Wil Blunt & Menlo Black

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Blackman's good friend Thomas Heller was on the show today. We go into Thomas background as a book author. In doing so Blackman learns there is something other then non-fiction and fiction books. CEOs making bad judgement calls because they don't understand there employees. Thomas tell us all about the one percenters based on what he learned in his old. Blackman can't get a break, a tax break that is when you compare it to the what upper class in the country.

Music at end by:

Gabriel Fauré - Sicilienne, for cello & piano, Op. 78


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Drop bombs of peace and love for the Middle East, Blackman sits down with his friend Costi. A guy with a father from the Middle East tell us what is going on and what American has to do when it comes to aid, getting resources from the Middle East. This podcast will help you try to undertand what is going on over seas well these two smoke hookah. 

Music by:

Yogurt ​Smoothness

Rachid Taha (Intro and back from break)

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The nerd is the word baby! We're back in another Dark Tech Hour but this time it's not just Blackman and Drew but we also added Ryan Gonyon a UCF student that is going to school for programming. It was a mix of tech and real life talk as Blackman and Drew talked about current projects. UT4 engine vs Unity 5 plus tech in cars. You have the power when it comes to the tech hour.

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So what to do when you got a lot on your mind and want the best way to get it out? That's what the Blackman Hour is about this week. Pretty much I speak my mind and come from the heart. I'll be talking about being a comedian and a programmer. The wage protest that was happening around the country, things I hate about trying to get into and being in relationships. 



Facebook Comedian Page



Kevin Felker - Nostalgia

Walt Ribeiro - Final Fantasy Decisve

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There is a reason to get worked up when it comes to this show. Blackman's friends Vanessa and Melissa are back to talk about Tinder, worst dates, bro code and much more. You think you can handle the level of hotness in this show? Real talk from women without even calling a sex hotline. Okay well it's not a sex hotline but being upfront about how you feel about things...and by things I mean penis.

Music by

Mikhayla Schroth

Kevin Felker

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Blackman sits down with long time friend he known for well over 20 years. This was them just joking around and the audio was a little screwed up so it had to be edited. Dip into Blackman's past with Tim and watch how they poke fun at TV ads and famous people. 

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Blackman had his Musician friends on to plug there Go Fund Me page for The Cape. Don't worry because it was still all fun and games. Blackman still said nasty things to people because it was a live show. So they took questions and played live music. Everyone had something to say and something to sing that even includes Blackman for that matter. So please listen and enjoy the show because this put The Darkest Hour right back on that funny track.

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Blackman sits down with Yoli Chikova to talk about Feminism and the movement. What does it for women to make equal pay and be treated like men when it comes to sports. Is Anita Sarkeesian helping or hurting the gaming movement? On top of that is she really a gamer? Plus they dig into prostitutes and the sex trade. Check your rights at the door because it's going to get crazy.

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Asanga Wimalasekera talk to Blackman today about the GOP hate for Obama. Welfare in the USA, are people working hard or hardly working? What does it take when it comes to voting and what is the best way to get people to vote more? The police state, gun rights, war on drags and more! Get Blackman's take on politics in this political hour!

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This show the boys drink and smoke Hookah.Business owner Nick Covert is in the studio to talk about out door festivals. Nick talks about hunting with Blackman plus getting on, then off the island. Nick had to clear up something from The Offensive Line podcast. Plus Blackman tell Livestock stories from when he was growing up in the early 2000's with some of his best friends.

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On the podcast we had two old guest Drew Owens and Ant Cooper to make it an all black podcast for Black History Month. Blackman question Ant and Drew if they knew any black History. How it's like dating outside there race and what is a hate crime. How to build an ideal woman based on a post from Blackman's friend. Plus get the boys take on white rappers then after all that we end the show with a rap battle.

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Jeremy a new comedian on the scene sits down and talk to Blackman. They go over the hate that Blackman have to deal with. Jeremy love for singer and song writer Alison. The Poking the Bear Podcast and why poking bears could be a bad thing and much more.

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On the show I talk to Jonathan Frost about life, getting older and moving back to New York. We touch on the past, what made him what he is today and where he'll be heading tomorrow.

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Blackman talks about being bugged by recruiters and what they do when it comes to getting a hold of him. Drew talks about freelance development with Blackman and the things to look out for. The boys touch on tech, AI and what is a good programming language to learn. You might get lost at times because Blackman was drinking and wasn't able to catch when things got really nerdy. If you into tech stuff and listening to things that could be over your head! This is the podcast for you, you're more than welcome to skip this one.


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On the show we had two females that tell it like it is. Vanessa Valdes help out with the medical questions while her good friend Melissa Collins help out with everything else. We talk about Ebola, give an update on my friend Meco, Zombie outbreaks and much more. If you want to hear women that love penis then listen to this show because you'll have more than you can handle.


The music at the end is by Kevin Felker and Anthony Cooper.

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Before we get into an hour of what's going on in the US. We talk about next weeks guest and tech news before jumping into the State of the Union address. An update in France when it comes to freedom of speech. American Sniper the movie vs the book. Plus oil prices and what is really going on with the cost. Then after all of that what games we're playing to close out the show.

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Cody Bush stopped in for a little, but on this show we had Andrew Myerson and Kristin Grice on the panel to talk about life, love and relationships. A podcast that should be about movies but turned into something more. Kristin and Andrew try to find what they're looking for in a person. Blackman talks about his past girlfriends and growing out being a cry baby. We learned that comedians are really fucked up but really funny. How to not be pushed around at work. Kristin talks about her new job and the pain she had to deal with in the past as well.

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On the show we talked about religions and what kind of effect they have on the world. The Je Suis Charlie attacks that made things worst for people faith and not better. Things that were over looked in the news, oil prices and much more. The show was shorter but still action packed.

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What do you get when you have 3 black guys and one Asian recording a podcast? One hell of a good time. Blackman talks about being screwed over in the comedy world while Drew talks about being stabbed. Blackman gives the low down went it comes to facing a bully while Ant talk about how New Years resolutions are dumb. Plus Drew makes people wonder what it would be like if Blackman ran for office one day.




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Today on the show we touch on using gadgets and mixing technology with your body to make things better. Famous people that are photoshopped and people trying to look like them. The direction that TV and how dumb down the people in the United States are getting. Plus people are looking for jobs in all the wrong places. All that and more on the show today.

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Kristin Grice and Jordan Hicks were the females on the podcast today that talked about Sexual Harassment.

Not to be out down by 2 women Blackman had Ant Cooper from one of the last shows one. Everyone talked about being sexual harassed, porn and just about everyone opened up about there sex history.

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Today's show went into overtime. Blackman wanted people to learn about both the guest that were on. Then Blackman gave a recap on the girl he took to the Chrismast Party and what happen only 2 days later. Then once things started to get real, we jumped on Skype and had Nick Fetrow weigh in on the police brutality and the current militarization of police departments in this country.

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I always screw up when it comes to recording this podcast. I never screw up when recording The Offensive Line. Anyways! I lost 10 minutes but what we talked about when it wasn't recording we made it up again on the tail end of the podcast. I'll just come out and say it...we talked about sh*ting ourselves. Not only that but also my date for the upcoming company party, police brutality, our friend Drew from an older podcast and more. This is a very good show and I'm telling you that right out of the gate.

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After doing pictures for the Feed the Trolls showcase Blackman had the boys on the show to talk about movies, soical media and more.

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Blackman and Drew talk about apps, game development and current projects. They go into detail about programming that will throw most people off. In fact Blackman tried to water things down for the listeners. Blackman asked Drew about his take on the Mike Brown ruling. Talkinga bout the current voting system in this country and what it would take to make things better

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Blackman sits down with Ant and Martin on todays show. They talk about how bad things are for black people and how much they still love this country. They talk about what's good for American and what it would take to move things forward. This should is funny, real and moving all at the same time.

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Welcome to The Darkest Hour! Thanks for downloading and listening to the first spin off show from The Offensive Line. Blackman goes into why he started the show and his past. This is a show were you get to learn more about Erick AKA Blackman and see what the future for this show holds.

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