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The Darkest Hour

Apr 21, 2016

Drew, Blackman and new guest Eric talk about programming. Blackman talks about his current project and moving to HTML5. Eric talks about getting a chance to work at Amazon and Apple over the Summer. This is a good funny techie podcast without that low level nerd talk.


Dr. Soulja

Apr 17, 2016

Danny and Cody are back for another comedy hour with Blackman. Cody try to force Danny to say the N-word the whole show. Danny and Cody tell Blackman why they like him to do his Donald Duck impression. The boys do a freestyle rap battle using an app that Blackman didn't really understand how it works. Then the show ends...

Apr 1, 2016

Demetrius Watts or D-Watts was on the podcast the podcast to talk to Blackman about what's going on in the world. They talk about comedy, politics and racism. You will enjoy this 2 hour chat and best of all you get to know D-Watts.


"Working Class Heroes" off of CeeLo's New Album...