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The Darkest Hour

May 30, 2016

It's very rare when I do one of these but it's me again solo. In fact I figured it was so good I waited 2 weeks to put it out. I talk about being used by friends, one of them even ended up in jail. This show I go into great detail about being a little brother and respect I had for of my older brothers.



I Don't...

May 24, 2016

Blackman is back with his friend Nick to sit down and play catch up. Nick make walking Tacos and started up a hookah for this Happy Hookah Hour. Nick talked about being a father, working on the road and plus what guys would do to see titties at music festivals and events. It's a pretty good one don't miss out.



May 17, 2016

Blackman and Chandra sit down to talk about all the crazy stuff that is going on in the world again. Now only that Chandra talks about Math and Blackman tries to keep up with him. If you got the smarts listen to this but if not...listen to it anyways. This is the 4th one and Chandra loves the number 4.



May 1, 2016

Blackman sits done with long time gay friend Edric. Who is also joined by another gay guy he knows. The boys talk about playing dress up in drag and wearing high heel shoes. Different different of gay men out there in the world other then bears. Blackman was quiz on bottoms, tops and even power bottoms. Then Edric and...