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The Darkest Hour

Jul 29, 2016

You want to hear me doing comedy over the years? Well I'm going to jump back like 3 years and work my way forward. Trust me I have more then this saved online. Pretty much how it works is I play a clip and then I talk about it. You don't get to this point over night. It takes years of hard work and I how you enjoy...

Jul 16, 2016

I tried to hold back and I had to put out another Blackman Hour for you guys. This time around helping programmers at work and how I teach people. Talked about my current project at home and what path I'm taking with that. Not being able to get on a comedy showcase because of my style comedy. Plus my oldest brother...

Jul 9, 2016

David Covert a smart peaceful man knows a lot about Religion. So he came on the show to get the word out about faith. If you're a church going person you might not like this show. However you will learn something about the old teachings. David is a pretty funny guy and it was great having him on the show.