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The Darkest Hour

Dec 23, 2016

I've taken 2 weeks off from work and I got some time on my hand so here is another solo podcast for you. You get to hear me talk about how my job tried to screw me over with a raise this year. The showcase I run and the showcases I'm doing. My doctor check up and what the details on that. I blocked someone on Facebook...

Dec 1, 2016

I sit down with Adam Baynard from the 8bit Bourbon to talk gaming. I talked about getting an 4K TV and Final Fantasy XV. Adam talked about giving his old game consoles away. Adam and I talk about people not being able to tell the difference 480p and 1080p. We touched Nintendo Switch have a better online gaming...

Nov 21, 2016

Stanley Miniszewski from the Big Papa Podcast talked to me about what's going on after the Trump election. We talk about how Trump got elected how people acted after. This is a different take and you might have that you have a lot in common with a conservative. 

Nov 18, 2016

Danny and Cody from PKF are back for another Comedy Hour. This time they were able to get me to talking about going to the company Christmas Party. Plus we talked about Overwatch and the 2016 Election. This show was more playing catch up with one another more than anything else.

Oct 30, 2016

It's time to look back on over 10 years of comedy with me. This recap you get to learn about a girl that dress like a cat, listen to Danny improv and some of the crazy stuff I said to people over the years. In fact you can even listen to something that happen in 2016. So you can see how far I've come when it comes...