The Darkest Hour

I was able to get my friend Clayton back into the studio after The Offensive Line Podcast to just chat and drink beers. We talked about how the internet was in the 90's, video gaming with his childhood friends and he even went on a rant at the end. There is a lot of things I don't want to give away but this will help people understand my friend Clayton a lot better.



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BotanicSage [BS] - 16BIT Magic

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I'm flying solo again babies! No big deal because I had a lot to get off my mind anyways. I felt like I've been getting dogged out so I'm trying to figure out what moves to make. You miss all the shots you don't take right? Well how about I was still to scared to take it and someone else did. One of my OG friends backed out of a trip we all planned? Find out the reason why because I've been in the same spot and I picked my friends.



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I am Jemboy, Too - Ten Camp Commandments (AC: Pocket Camp x Notorious B.I.G. Mashup)

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I had my friend Caroline Vale back to the show to play catch up because I haven't seen her in awhile. We talk about Natura our old hangout being closed. Katy Perry and Aziz Ansari being creepy in her eyes. Plus how to go about asking for sex. Have you been doing it wrong the whole time? Find out on this episode.




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DAN SIR DAN - policy (feat. Jonny Jukebox)

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How does Zack Stacks sound outside of The Offensive Line? Well you'll find out in this very dark and hard hitting show. Zack talks about break ups, touches on his mother being on drugs and so much more. We even get into the N-word fallout and how I felt about him saying it on the The Offensive Line.  This podcast will show you a part of Zack you never seen before. I enjoyed this and hope to do it again.


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Red​Screen - MCreed

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I had my friend friend Andy Martin from Gainesville on the show. We talk about how things where when I stayed there. Andrew is much like me, hate the PC culture and how comedy is going. Crazy thing he voted for Trump and watch Alex Jones but I'm ok with that but some people are not. We even tried to figure out if we're Peters-in-law. Find what all that means and more babies.



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This is the podcast with Billy Myers III and Zach Bennett! More details later I just wanna to get this out.

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I had a lot to get off my chest so I guess it's time for another Blackman Hour right? I talk about a new person they kicked out of the Orlando comedy scene. What did a year of CrossFit do for me. Does words hurt me? Well I guess it's based on who is saying it. Plus our is my gaming project going? I'll answer all of that and more in this episode. I talk about my rants on Twitter as well. It's action packed babies!



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Stranger Things Theme x Childish Gambino by kmlkmljkl (Rap Remix)

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When we were little our dad called me Starbuck and my brother Gabe Big Bird. That is why the podcast is named that just to get that out of the way. In this episode you get to hear me and my brother talk about dating, homeless people, old school cartoons and much more. You get to even hear my brother take on Zack Stacks.



falcxne - Reminisce (off 'Crumbs: Leftover Timbits')

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The last Blackman Hour for this year. I did a lot of venting about the Orlando Comedy Scene in this one. Yes, even when comedians say stuff about my set how it effected my set. I don't want to do select shows anymore because of it in fact. I've been labeled and how it effected not just me but other people as well. I talk about my brother Gabe and how he's coming back into town soon. I got into detail about a projects I worked on at work and at home.



Rick & Morty EVIL MORTY (Trap Remix)

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I talk to my cousin Rashad again about what video games we're playing. I touched on how Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus looks great and how hard that game was. Playing Assassin's Creed: Origins on XboxOne X hardware. Rashad likes the old school Devild May Cry games why I'm into the DmC reboot. You'll hear how far we gotten in Mario Odyssey since we're always busy. This show we talked about how much we like the Nintendo Switch and what games we're looking for playing in 2018 as well.



Nobody Ink [Endolphin Choke]

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