The Darkest Hour

I had a house warming party so I let people from the party come into the studio and chat it up. This podcast goes all over the place. However you get to hear drunk and sober people talk about life, dating and so much more.

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I had my friend CrossFit Steve on because he has very conservative views. Steven find it kind of hard why I have some progressive views but I tried to cover some of them in this show. Steve talked about his reason for wanting to cut social programs, alt-left and alt right groups. We both learn something and maybe you guys will too. It's hard to fact check one another but we were both ok if or when we got something wrong.

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I'm back with another random life update. I talk about my job, dating life and the Orlando Comedy scene. Two of my friends broke up and I had to meet somewhere in the middle after hearing both sides of the story. A well known guy showed up at the Orlando Improv and getting pissed at upper management having me work crazy hours. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to this show.




Naji - Blood, Sex & Magic

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I had my friend Caroline on the podcast to play catch up. I talked about woman making a move on me and how things still don't equal out due to the fact Caroline had much worst. I asked if she post screen cap of what men saying dating apps. We even get a little update on her dog Bojack what kind of snack he enjoys.



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MF PICKLE-O - Childish Gambino Waits To Play Mario Kart Wii Online, But He Realises They Turned Off The Servers

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I set down with Orlando Comedian and Twitch streamer Chris Alexander to talk about video games. We touched on how streaming works and what kind of games to stream. What was the best E3 show and how each gaming company faired. When it comes to scary video games what would be the best one to make. Do you play video games with jump scares? Find out if Chris and I do on this show.



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When I first started doing the comedy recap it was because I stop hosting a place and didn't feel like I was a grade-A comedian. I went back in time but now I'm going to show you how things sound in 2018. This is some new age comedy when it comes to picking on a guy that was in the friend-zone, finding out a girl had a black boyfriend. Plus I talk about them titty and booty meats know you know and love.



toonlink421 - Baby, I'm Sans

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I know it's been a long time but I give a good reason at the start of the show. I talk about leaving my job and my apartment with a good reason why. Talking to my friend while helping me move. Getting a better understand of marriage due to my friend being with his wife for 5 years. Why I'm missing out on dating and how I feel about other comics in the scene. You get a lot out of me this episode and I hope you enjoy it.



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Robotaki - Butterscotch (feat. Jamie Fine x falcxne)

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Let's continue our talk for the last podcast with Ryan and I. We talked more about Common Core, programming and comedy. We talked about the "This is America" video and what details we missed. How we feel about Kanye West supporting Trump and one of his new song. Some comic book movies and what DC movies worked. Plus a little more politics when it comes to what the Democratic Party did wrong.



Mr_Wo​B - Speedom Smash [+ YT VIDEO!]

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Ryan and I talk tech and programming for awhile. Ryan works in the same field as me so we talk about what programming languages and frameworks we use at work. What makes the Nintendo Switch so great? On top of that would you mod yours? There is a lot of video game talk as well. Later in the show we politics, police brutality and dating.

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I'm trying to get you more podcast a month right? So what better way to do that than to have Zack back on the show. This podcast wasn't as sad but it cover being bullied. Zack has a different way to handle it than I do for sure. Zack grew up on N64 while I was a Super Nintendo and Sega Gen kind of guy. You can dig a little deep and understand the host of The Offensive Line a little more.



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Elevated Mind - Goldeneye

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