The Darkest Hour

I had my friend Caroline Vale back to the show to play catch up because I haven't seen her in awhile. We talk about Natura our old hangout being closed. Katy Perry and Aziz Ansari being creepy in her eyes. Plus how to go about asking for sex. Have you been doing it wrong the whole time? Find out on this episode.




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DAN SIR DAN - policy (feat. Jonny Jukebox)

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How does Zack Stacks sound outside of The Offensive Line? Well you'll find out in this very dark and hard hitting show. Zack talks about break ups, touches on his mother being on drugs and so much more. We even get into the N-word fallout and how I felt about him saying it on the The Offensive Line.  This podcast will show you a part of Zack you never seen before. I enjoyed this and hope to do it again.


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Red​Screen - MCreed

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I had my friend friend Andy Martin from Gainesville on the show. We talk about how things where when I stayed there. Andrew is much like me, hate the PC culture and how comedy is going. Crazy thing he voted for Trump and watch Alex Jones but I'm ok with that but some people are not. We even tried to figure out if we're Peters-in-law. Find what all that means and more babies.



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This is the podcast with Billy Myers III and Zach Bennett! More details later I just wanna to get this out.

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