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I set down with Orlando Comedian and Twitch streamer Chris Alexander to talk about video games. We touched on how streaming works and what kind of games to stream. What was the best E3 show and how each gaming company faired. When it comes to scary video games what would be the best one to make. Do you play video games with jump scares? Find out if Chris and I do on this show.



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When I first started doing the comedy recap it was because I stop hosting a place and didn't feel like I was a grade-A comedian. I went back in time but now I'm going to show you how things sound in 2018. This is some new age comedy when it comes to picking on a guy that was in the friend-zone, finding out a girl had a black boyfriend. Plus I talk about them titty and booty meats know you know and love.



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I know it's been a long time but I give a good reason at the start of the show. I talk about leaving my job and my apartment with a good reason why. Talking to my friend while helping me move. Getting a better understand of marriage due to my friend being with his wife for 5 years. Why I'm missing out on dating and how I feel about other comics in the scene. You get a lot out of me this episode and I hope you enjoy it.



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