The Darkest Hour

The last Blackman Hour for this year. I did a lot of venting about the Orlando Comedy Scene in this one. Yes, even when comedians say stuff about my set how it effected my set. I don't want to do select shows anymore because of it in fact. I've been labeled and how it effected not just me but other people as well. I talk about my brother Gabe and how he's coming back into town soon. I got into detail about a projects I worked on at work and at home.



Rick & Morty EVIL MORTY (Trap Remix)

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I talk to my cousin Rashad again about what video games we're playing. I touched on how Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus looks great and how hard that game was. Playing Assassin's Creed: Origins on XboxOne X hardware. Rashad likes the old school Devild May Cry games why I'm into the DmC reboot. You'll hear how far we gotten in Mario Odyssey since we're always busy. This show we talked about how much we like the Nintendo Switch and what games we're looking for playing in 2018 as well.



Nobody Ink [Endolphin Choke]

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Yoli stop by with her co-workers Ashly and Brittany talked about there Tourme App. You'll learn how the app work and what else is on the market. How it was developed and even stories about there travels because of the app. Also remind me to get better selfie lighting in the studio.



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Jelani Malik - Free Fall Ft. Wil Blunt & Menlo Black


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This show I talk about Louis C.K. and the comic was kicked off the scene Adam Avitable. How I don't know that many comics on a personal level and how I'm trying to change that now.  More details about what's going on at work, my family and more.


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DAN SIR DAN - cloudy (feat. Lana Lubany)

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I did it! People don't understand hitting 100 Episodes is like one of the greatest things you can do for a podcast. So I called up a few people that I've had on the show in the past and had little mini Episodes in this one. I started it off like a Blackman Hour, then I went into a Feminist, Political, Video Game Hour and much more. I'm not going to give anything away but you're going to love the guest I had on the show.


Dies Irae by Deuxvolt

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I sat down with Republican Niko Davis and had a really good political chat. You get to hear how women and gay rights are viewed by a new age Republican. Once again we touch on gun rights after the mass shooting that happen in Las Vegas. Healthcare and a basic income for the country. Oh and let's not forget Puerto Rico and how things where handle by Trump. This was a great show and you're going to love it.



IAmMelloYellow - Luma's Space Oddity

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I sit down with my cousin Rashad to talk about Doom running on the Nintendo Switch. What games we're playing and what games we need to go back and finish. Plus get two black men take on pewdiepie dropping a n-bomb on a let's play video.



I am Jemboy, Too - Work It Hallway (Luigi's Mansion x Missy Elliott Mashup)

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I was going to name this the being a Political D Hour because we get side tracked with some stuff. However this one was mostly talking politics with Chandra. We talk about Antifa and how they're not the Alt-Left. An update on Trump and how he's handling things. Plus Chandra talks about his job and how much politics play a role in what he's doing.


Brother in ARMS Goes Away

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It's me talking about how bad things are going at work. A story about I got a deed I did on an out of town showcase. My take on fame and power. Plus the Comedy Podcast showdown that happen thanks to my co-host Zack from The Offensive Line.



Kenny's Medical Expenses

The Iron Oath: Dark Turn-based Tactical RPG

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I had Eric and Nick to talk tech and programming. Yes, I was tired and I'm guessing drunk on this podcast. I'm not going to edit anything I'm just going to let it ride. I did talk about a project I worked on but that's pretty much all I remember that was good. 



MatrixMarioX - Super Shibuya-Cho Hill

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It's me really just me. I wanted to throw out a little update with what's going on in my life. I talked about the chaos going on at work. How things are going on at Public House when it comes to my comedy showcase. Even a little update on the other podcast on the Offensive Line Network. Plus I talked about my damn cat. Then I close out with people hitting up on Facebook Messager with very shocking stuff.



Lonely Rolling Star (EggHedd Trap Remix, 100 Follower Special)

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Let's time to look back with another comedy recap baby! This is where I give you details on some of the jokes and how I feel about older clips. Listen to me grow as a comedian with old clips from back from 2007 and newer clips from 2017. Some of the stuff you'll hear on this show is stuff I never played anywhere else. 



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16BIT Magic

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Claire from the Mind Altered Podcast talked to me about booty holes, dating, fight, martial arts and so much more. Claire has a very good take on feminism. Plus you'll be shocked with her views on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.



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Abigail and Asanga join me to talk about very Liberal subjects. We talk about The UC Berkeley protest and riots. Political Correctness and how it effected me. How much is to much? Should we let older people get a pass? What about Neutral Pronouns? Do you want to be called Ze or Zir? Learn all of this and more the first Liberal Hour!




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I sat down with one of my female friends that wanted to be on the podcast and talked for an hour. I asked about dating people in the work place. Caroline even talk about her job and trying to do comedy. Plus I know some of you want to hear me to say the word "Titty".

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Today I had Andy Polidore from the 8-bit Bourbon podcast on to talk about comedy and video games. Yes, the first part of the podcast was about comedy but don't worry the rest of it is about eSports, Zelda: BotW, the Nintendo Switch and Horizon Zero Dawn. It was good to hear from Andy and it was great talking about video games again. So listen to an hour and 20 minutes of pure fucking gold my friends.



Let Me Clear My Wallet

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Man, I've done 10 of these so far. Crazy right? Yes, I've talked to myself of 10 of these. Anyways listen to me talk about being down for a few months, Trump and how I feel about the state of the country. What made me go to the gym. I even touch on some behind the scenes stuff with The Offensive Line podcast and much more.

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I sit down with my friend Drew Owens talk tech and programming. I talk about the frameworks and updates I've made at work. We go over using Raspberry Pi for a Desktop and gaming console. Plus the Nintendo Switch is the specs up to par with an XboxOne and PS4. No, but you'll like to hear my take on it anyways.



Juicy J x Zelda - Bandz A Make Her Dance (Hitmane Kokirimix)

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Blackman talk to gamers Dustin and David about the upcoming Nintendo Switch and older game consoles. How will the Nintendo Switch online service work? What games are they looking forward to in 2017? Find out all of that and more in this new info filled video game podcast.



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Egg Planet | Super Mario Galaxy | Soundtrack

DuckTales Remastered - Moon Theme Remix


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Another show with a different Feminist! This time we got Abigail, she sat down to talk to me about birth control, open relationship and equal pay. How about getting rejected and how to deal with it. Even a little bit of politics since she worked for Senator Bernie Sanders. How do she feel about Donald Trump? Trust me it won't shock you...but listen anyways.



Women Are Still Paid Less Than Men



Mari - Colorful Living

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