The Darkest Hour

Blackman had his Musician friends on to plug there Go Fund Me page for The Cape. Don't worry because it was still all fun and games. Blackman still said nasty things to people because it was a live show. So they took questions and played live music. Everyone had something to say and something to sing that even includes Blackman for that matter. So please listen and enjoy the show because this put The Darkest Hour right back on that funny track.

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Blackman sits down with Yoli Chikova to talk about Feminism and the movement. What does it for women to make equal pay and be treated like men when it comes to sports. Is Anita Sarkeesian helping or hurting the gaming movement? On top of that is she really a gamer? Plus they dig into prostitutes and the sex trade. Check your rights at the door because it's going to get crazy.

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Asanga Wimalasekera talk to Blackman today about the GOP hate for Obama. Welfare in the USA, are people working hard or hardly working? What does it take when it comes to voting and what is the best way to get people to vote more? The police state, gun rights, war on drags and more! Get Blackman's take on politics in this political hour!

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