The Darkest Hour

This show the boys drink and smoke Hookah.Business owner Nick Covert is in the studio to talk about out door festivals. Nick talks about hunting with Blackman plus getting on, then off the island. Nick had to clear up something from The Offensive Line podcast. Plus Blackman tell Livestock stories from when he was growing up in the early 2000's with some of his best friends.

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On the podcast we had two old guest Drew Owens and Ant Cooper to make it an all black podcast for Black History Month. Blackman question Ant and Drew if they knew any black History. How it's like dating outside there race and what is a hate crime. How to build an ideal woman based on a post from Blackman's friend. Plus get the boys take on white rappers then after all that we end the show with a rap battle.

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Jeremy a new comedian on the scene sits down and talk to Blackman. They go over the hate that Blackman have to deal with. Jeremy love for singer and song writer Alison. The Poking the Bear Podcast and why poking bears could be a bad thing and much more.

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On the show I talk to Jonathan Frost about life, getting older and moving back to New York. We touch on the past, what made him what he is today and where he'll be heading tomorrow.

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Blackman talks about being bugged by recruiters and what they do when it comes to getting a hold of him. Drew talks about freelance development with Blackman and the things to look out for. The boys touch on tech, AI and what is a good programming language to learn. You might get lost at times because Blackman was drinking and wasn't able to catch when things got really nerdy. If you into tech stuff and listening to things that could be over your head! This is the podcast for you, you're more than welcome to skip this one.


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