The Darkest Hour

The Tech Hour is back with more nerds and more good times! Blackman manage to get a few UCF engineers into the studio to talk about what they're working on and more. Adobe Flash Zero day holes that will get your computer hacked. The cheating website and what it means for the people who sign up. Hacking cars and much more! This show is more funny than nerdy.

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Blackman the crack the mic and start speaking his mind again on this show. It went a lot smoother this time around. This show he talks about his job, side projects he's working on. After the break he goes on how he love the other podcast he ad-swap with. What is going on with the The Offensive Line Podcast and the amount of work he puts into it. Plus Blackman had to go to the hospital? Find out why in this hour long show.

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Blackman talks with Alex Barlotta about video games. They go over some of the games they seen at E3. Talked about what games they're currently playing. What Nintendo is doing wrong and what they could do right with there next Nintendo NX platform. Devices like VR Headsets, Microsoft Hololens and what would you use them for. Blackman rants about developing games and how the current company he work for could use game development to push the company forward.



Killzone 2 - Helghan Forever

Halo 2 Anniversary Soundtrack

Mute City - Mario Kart 8 OST

Street Fighter's 5th: Guile's Theme vs Beethoven For Orchestra

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