The Darkest Hour

I'm back to talk about how normal my life is again. This time I touch on how our comedy scene in Orlando need to be and do better. Being broke and I how I had to deal with it a few times in my life. Dating still sucks and I'm not into it really. 



the beach boys - god only knows (loose body parts remix)

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Caroline Vale is back to talk about martial arts and being a tattoo artist. We talked about the "No All Men" reply to things and I even learn something about myself. Caroline doesn't even like being touched so messages could be a no go zone in select cases.



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J-KELL$ - Kid Cudi + Zelda 64 - Day N Nite(Great Fairy's Fountain)


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It's been a long time but I got a chance to sit down with Drew Owens and talk tech again. I've let him know about updates I wanna make to my UI framework. Microsoft Hololens 2 cost $5,000 and who will pay that much? People aren't but factories have found out what to do with it. I went into details about a project I worked on and why I picked Unity3D over HTML5.



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digboy - Chance's Return To Dreamland

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This comedy recap I'm giving you a deep drive into my hosting at Austin's Coffee. On top of that I end the show with something from 2009. I've been doing comedy for over 10 years easy but I always like to look back and show people how far I've come. 




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