The Darkest Hour

Blackman sits down with Drew Owens to talk about the latest in tech. Blackman talks about his work projects and the problems he had getting stuff to work. Drew learned about a new chip that can destroy itself and the Nvidia gaming console. Blackman talks about Unity3D and UE4. Then the show ended with Blackman talking about his current project and what it could be used for.


YIN - On and on (ft. LOTUS)

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Blackman is here with Ant and Drew to talk about some of the stuff going on with the black community. Getting profile in todays world and how it was handle. We talked about #BlackLivesMatter movement plus touch on other hashtags like #LaughtingWhileBlack. The young Middle Easter boy Ahmed Mohamed with this clock. Is there profiling in porn? You'll be shocked to hear the take on these things, you shouldn't judge this episode by the title...right?


Jam - Rock Steady (For One Night) (Prod. kfelk x tony old school)

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William Rodriguez is back again with Teah plus we add star of The Secret Life of Sarah Sheldon Comedian Brenda Lamberty got into the mix. Blackman is talking about titties but Brenda talks about penis. However over all this podcast is pretty much talk about the comedy scene in Orlando. William pretty much told everyone to kiss his ass. It all comes down to politics you just gotta know how to play the field.

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Blackman found a new feminist by the name of Sarah Carter to come on the show and talk about things that females have to deal with. Blackman's sister and his nephew walks in on the recording. Sarah clears up some of the pro-life questions that Blackman has. What would Blackman do if he was a stay at home dad? Females in gaming! What's wrong with it and how to correct it. Then they ended the show with guys getting friend zoned. Blackman talked about how Sarah friend sent him to the friend zone. I don't say this often but this is a really good show!

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