The Darkest Hour

Blackman had on his friend Chad to about drinking while get this...drinking. They touched on other drugs as well but for the most part it when back to talking about liquor and getting blacked out drunk. Chad and Blackman traded crazy stories from the past. Blackman goes into detail about the drunk he dated years back. Chad ask Blackman what mix drinks he enjoy. Don't black out but remember to drink up.


Kevin Felker - Restless

Hense3rd - Downtown

Jelani Malik - Hurricane




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Blackman sits down with this friend Andy to talk about people getting butt hurt over words. They go over racism and learn what is the root of all the hate. Blackman tell stories of upsetting people when it comes to the LGBT community. Guys white knighting for women when it's not really needed or not understanding the full story. Then going over how patriots love this country but over look what freedom of speech really means. There is no reason to be so sensitive boys and girls. Sometimes we just got to tell you like it is.



Tuyen Le (Interstellar Drive 5)

Beastie Boys - No Sleep 'til Brooklyn [iDrive5 Remix]

Malik Williams (Jelani Malik)

Free Fall Ft. Wil Blunt & Menlo Black

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Blackman's good friend Thomas Heller was on the show today. We go into Thomas background as a book author. In doing so Blackman learns there is something other then non-fiction and fiction books. CEOs making bad judgement calls because they don't understand there employees. Thomas tell us all about the one percenters based on what he learned in his old. Blackman can't get a break, a tax break that is when you compare it to the what upper class in the country.

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Gabriel Fauré - Sicilienne, for cello & piano, Op. 78


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