The Darkest Hour

Cody Bush, Danny Loecken and Blackman did a comedy filled podcast. It started to take an unhealthy turn we the boys talked about Wilford Brimley and speed cock sucking. Cody started off the show about talking about sending a dick pic to a girl. Cody and Danny wonder if Blackman always talked the way he did. Danny got Blackman to do Disney characters voices.

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Blackman does the news! That's right when it comes to technology, entertainment and politics we got you covered. With a very real take on things, there is no point of sugar coating stuff people. What's Blackman's take on the video game console wars? What about movie stars and singers? We can't give you 24 hour coverage but we can give you a good time.


News Stories:

Platts Snapshot: All eyes on OPEC's next move as low crude price fuels tension

Man Killed by Plainclothes Cop in Florida Had Gun, Police Say

Android 6.0 Marshmallow streamlined in the new Wunderlist to-do app update

Taylor Kinney Jokes That Lady Gaga's On Screen Sex Scenes are 'Awkward'

Microsoft No Longer Cares To Tell Us How Many Xbox Ones It's Sold

Caitlyn Jenner Wears the Same Dress That Kate Middleton Wore to Announce Her Engagement

Ahmed Mohamed Clocks Out Of America


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Blackman had Costi Hinn and Asanga Wimalasekera join him to chat about some of the latest political topics. Costi is a gun owner and we had a really good talk about guns, mental health and what gun laws would be ok to pass. Asanga and Costi talk about the good and bad of the TPP. The attacks on doctors without borders hospital. Costi gives an update on what's going on in the Middle East. Let's not forget the 2016 presidential candidates, who is Blackman going for?

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