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I figured I'll sit down on this nice Saturday and give an update with what I got going on. I go into detail on why I left my job and what my new job should be like. Wrapping up my sugar free diet and not drinking for a month. The adjustments I made to The Offensive Line show. Also a new group that takes care of our drama problem in the Orlando comedy scene.



God Only Knows ~ The Beach Boys (Para Doc Remake)

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I had a fun time sitting down talking to Edwin Pagan about his time in the IT Field working in Cyber Security. Edwin hits the gym and is pretty thick so people often view him as a big meat head. He's really smart when it comes to tech and we touched hon how people misjudge us or overlook our skills based on looks. So he even give his take on Edward Snowden being on the Joe Rogan podcast. Do you really have the right to say whatever you want on a private website? Learn our take on that and oh so more baby.



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I had my cousin Rashad Baker to talk about video games with me. We touched on Zelda: Link's Awakening frame rate but how good of a game it is. Trying to finish games but being an adult slowing us down. The good o' days of the Sega Dreamcast and what went wrong with Sega all together. Rashad isn't a fan of a lot of Sony first party titles but did play them. We touched on the PS5 and the Hong Kong protest plus so much more in this episode.



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grimy gambino

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I had my friend Alysa come on the show to talk about her trips to Thailand, Vietnam and other Asia countries. There was a lot of interesting stories and I really learned a lot so I hope you would too.



Ain't Nuttin but a Plastic Thang

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Another solo podcast with me folks, I want to talk about outrage culture, family and friends. Don't think I stop there because I go into detail about the screw up I made working for a company. Why was I down and out in my life? Well the reasons you might find odd but then again you're not me. I heard something that reminded me of my brother Gabe at an open mic. What's the next step I'm taking when it comes to comedy and my software development career? Find out all that and more in this Blackman Hour folks. 



God Only Knows ~ The Beach Boys (Para Doc Remake)

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This Political Hour I talked to Aston Mack solo because Steve couldn't make it for the debate. I've had Steven in solo so I figured I'll have Aston in as well to talk about this progressive views. We talk about Aston sounding Pro-life but being Pro-choice. We talk about Trump immigration policy and what he did different from Obama. Aston tell me about the History that wasn't written in books. Plus learn how the war on drugs effect our family.



My Neighbor Tupac


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I sit down and talk about all the crazy stuff going on in this country with my friend Ryan. People being to far left and right on the internet? Well why are we hearing so much from them when they're not the average everyday American. I talk about how I listen to conservative and liberal YouTubers. One of my lady conservative friends talk about not needing feminism so we had to go over that stuff. This is a wonderful action packed episode and it was a joy to chat with Ryan for over 2 hours.



Without Hydrogen

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On this episode I talk about growing as a person, girls I had crushes on in school and my high school reunion. One of my old friends showed up later on at the reunion and we talked about Butt Goblin. Do I think things over in my head a lot and do people think I'm crazy? I dig into my childhood and how I got some of my friends. You'll learn about how I open up about my faults. Why? Because we all aren't perfect and I love myself including my faults. 



Joe Spellman - Lonely Boy Andrew Gold Cover

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I'm back to talk about video games with my homeboy comedian and streamer Chris Alexander. He stop by with a high in Elite PS4 controller and went over what he use it for. We talked about E3 and who won over all. How they got The Witcher 3 to run on the Nintendo Switch? I give my break down on what I look for in a game that could be ported to the Switch. If you're into gaming you'll love this show folks, I know I did.



I am Jemboy, Too - Poochy Gang (Yoshi's Woolly World x Joyner Lucas)

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We finish up this Political Hour Episode with talks of being Pro-Life or Pro-Choice but as we get drunker then things get crazier. Aston is all about life is willing to save it anyway he can. Steve think that being married works out better for people sex life. We continue on with the American healthcare system. We talk about Illegal Immigration in this country and becoming US Citizen.



Mario's A Bitch (Super Mario World × Nas Mashup)

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On the show I had my friend Steven and Aston. Aston is very Liberal and is a Steven Conservative so they debate along party lines a lot of things. You'll get to hear about freedom of speech and the Green New Day on this episode. Plus opportunity and mobility in America. I did the research to help find the answers. Plus we talk about the US Healthcare system before we end the show.



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I had two Orlando comedians on the show. We talked about the Orlando Comedy scene. We have a newer comedian and a vet so you'll get a good take when it comes to doing comedy. 

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Solo podcast again but I talk about what people are dealing with behind the scenes and how I helped. Learning from other people past mistakes and all the secrets I'm keeping for others. Then I ask the question why is it OK to write someone else off really fast and not your friend when they do something wrong? I'm going deep on this one folks.



Tom Dunce - Paper Heart (Prod. Wobble)

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Today on the show I had my cousin Rashad Baker on to talk about video games. We talk about video games that are coming to Switch and how good 3rd parties are doing. Dark Souls type games that are hard to play that we don't have time for. Blackman talked about the Orlando Comedy Gaming Scene and much more. This was a very fun episode and I'm sure you guys will love my cousin Rashad for sure.



digboy - Chance's Retur

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I'm back to talk about how normal my life is again. This time I touch on how our comedy scene in Orlando need to be and do better. Being broke and I how I had to deal with it a few times in my life. Dating still sucks and I'm not into it really. 



the beach boys - god only knows (loose body parts remix)

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Caroline Vale is back to talk about martial arts and being a tattoo artist. We talked about the "No All Men" reply to things and I even learn something about myself. Caroline doesn't even like being touched so messages could be a no go zone in select cases.



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J-KELL$ - Kid Cudi + Zelda 64 - Day N Nite(Great Fairy's Fountain)


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It's been a long time but I got a chance to sit down with Drew Owens and talk tech again. I've let him know about updates I wanna make to my UI framework. Microsoft Hololens 2 cost $5,000 and who will pay that much? People aren't but factories have found out what to do with it. I went into details about a project I worked on and why I picked Unity3D over HTML5.



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digboy - Chance's Return To Dreamland

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This comedy recap I'm giving you a deep drive into my hosting at Austin's Coffee. On top of that I end the show with something from 2009. I've been doing comedy for over 10 years easy but I always like to look back and show people how far I've come. 




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I had my friend Ryan, Amy and Caroline over for dinner then did a podcast after. We talked everyday life stuff and politics so it's a pretty mixed episode. Should a person in HR call them boobs, breast or titties? You'll be shocked with the girls answer...because you already know mines. When it comes to suicide, do men go the more violent rout? It's a pretty dialed back show that was pretty fun and I enjoyed myself.



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Rifti Beats - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme (Hip Hop / Trap Remix)

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