The Darkest Hour

This year gotta come to an end sooner or later right? Well like every year I'm going to end this year with a Blackman Hour. I talk about dating, the Orlando comedy scene and work. I talk about the girl I'm dating right now and the problems we're having. You get to find out why I don't like to tell people my dating life for a reason. How does it feel when you put off seeing one of your parents. Oh by the way this episode is clean with no bad works. Now it's fun for the whole family baby.




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I talk to my friend Chris who is a comedian and Twitch Streamer about video games. Learn about why we don't play MMO games anymore and what MMO games we did like back in the day. Fallout 76 and what's wrong with the game. What games need to come to the Nintendo Switch? Chris think it should be all of them. What good apps you find on game consoles? What should Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo when it comes to the next gen consoles and should they wait? All that and more on this show folks.



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Labrynthske - BabyWipe X Yoshi's Island

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