The Darkest Hour

Well I got a lot on my mind so let me set back and tell you about it. Learn about why I have my left and right leaning views. There is some more Hashtag stuff going on with #LaughingWhileBlack. I've almost got fired which that was fun after making a ground breaking program that caused a lot of drama at work. I can give you an update on one of my projects at home. Then end the show talking about the comedy scene here in Orlando. I didn't want to write this from the 3rd person view. That's kinda know it's me.

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Blackman had a Birthday party on August 15th and here is the audio for that event. Over 3 hours of audio edited down of some of the best times at the party. Hear from some of Blackman's friends growing up including Jason, Erica and Robbie. Listen as Damien get drunk and hit on guys. Let's not forget we can end the night with a free style rap from Penguin Knife Fight members and a drunken Zack on the whole show. This was funny, it was great and let's not forget it was a party!

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Blackman and Cody talk about live as stand-up and improv comics. Some people trying to take a break from always being funny. The Daily Show ending and what effect it had on us. Ceil the Lion and a white kid getting killed. Dating life when it comes to the boys. So you might now want to miss this one because there is even an free style after the break. Plus that's when Diana Jang joins in.



*PACMAN*AKA*PAC* - PACMAN*-Rhymes Are Written (Produced By Only1dob)

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Rule #1 people! You don't bring flowers to the Freak Nasty Hour. That's right Vanessa and Melissa are back with real girl talk. Blackman ask the girls what kind of porn the girls watch. Using sex toys and Vanessa wanting more sex from a guy that she's hooking up with. Blackman show the girls a super small dick that has been shown to other people. Plus the show is topped off with new sex stories and drinking man juice. Let's get drunk and down right nasty baby!

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