The Darkest Hour

Caroline Vale sit down with me to talk about equal pay for women and being pro-choice. Getting a Sugar daddy's and are they right for you? I try to tell Caroline when is the right to tell a guy you got a boyfriend or friend zone him.



Crossfade (Lucio Overwatch Remix)

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Danny and Cody from PKF are back for another Comedy Hour. I feel like we try to top ourselves every show and it works. Cody tells a story about being a Comic-Con.  I'm a man of my word and we did the Booty BS Hour and then ended the show talking about currently what's going on in our life. The funny doesn't turn off when the talks get real either.

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Doing another solo podcast again folks! This time I talk about losing the open mic I hosted, feeling like an outcast and starting a new comedy showcase. I talked about getting a cat and my friends helping with her the first week. Then I give you a good look into the companies I worked for in the past. So when it comes to a good point in life when was it for you? Find out when it was for me.



BotanicSage [BS] - Character Choices

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