The Darkest Hour

Today on the show we touch on using gadgets and mixing technology with your body to make things better. Famous people that are photoshopped and people trying to look like them. The direction that TV and how dumb down the people in the United States are getting. Plus people are looking for jobs in all the wrong places. All that and more on the show today.

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Kristin Grice and Jordan Hicks were the females on the podcast today that talked about Sexual Harassment.

Not to be out down by 2 women Blackman had Ant Cooper from one of the last shows one. Everyone talked about being sexual harassed, porn and just about everyone opened up about there sex history.

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Today's show went into overtime. Blackman wanted people to learn about both the guest that were on. Then Blackman gave a recap on the girl he took to the Chrismast Party and what happen only 2 days later. Then once things started to get real, we jumped on Skype and had Nick Fetrow weigh in on the police brutality and the current militarization of police departments in this country.

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I always screw up when it comes to recording this podcast. I never screw up when recording The Offensive Line. Anyways! I lost 10 minutes but what we talked about when it wasn't recording we made it up again on the tail end of the podcast. I'll just come out and say it...we talked about sh*ting ourselves. Not only that but also my date for the upcoming company party, police brutality, our friend Drew from an older podcast and more. This is a very good show and I'm telling you that right out of the gate.

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