The Darkest Hour

Drop bombs of peace and love for the Middle East, Blackman sits down with his friend Costi. A guy with a father from the Middle East tell us what is going on and what American has to do when it comes to aid, getting resources from the Middle East. This podcast will help you try to undertand what is going on over seas well these two smoke hookah. 

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Rachid Taha (Intro and back from break)

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The nerd is the word baby! We're back in another Dark Tech Hour but this time it's not just Blackman and Drew but we also added Ryan Gonyon a UCF student that is going to school for programming. It was a mix of tech and real life talk as Blackman and Drew talked about current projects. UT4 engine vs Unity 5 plus tech in cars. You have the power when it comes to the tech hour.

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So what to do when you got a lot on your mind and want the best way to get it out? That's what the Blackman Hour is about this week. Pretty much I speak my mind and come from the heart. I'll be talking about being a comedian and a programmer. The wage protest that was happening around the country, things I hate about trying to get into and being in relationships. 



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Walt Ribeiro - Final Fantasy Decisve

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There is a reason to get worked up when it comes to this show. Blackman's friends Vanessa and Melissa are back to talk about Tinder, worst dates, bro code and much more. You think you can handle the level of hotness in this show? Real talk from women without even calling a sex hotline. Okay well it's not a sex hotline but being upfront about how you feel about things...and by things I mean penis.

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Blackman sits down with long time friend he known for well over 20 years. This was them just joking around and the audio was a little screwed up so it had to be edited. Dip into Blackman's past with Tim and watch how they poke fun at TV ads and famous people. 

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