The Darkest Hour

Asanga Wimalasekera is back to talk politics with Blackman. This time around we talk about the shooting with the hate that come out of it. More on gun laws, attack in Texas and what freedom of speech. Well everyone was worried about the race war that was about to start the TTP got passed so they touched  on that and what that means for the American people as well.



Open Secrets

I Side With



Rand Paul

Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton

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We're back this week with Danny Loecken and Croix Provence from Penguin Knife Fight. Blackman screw up his order when going on a food run. There are talks of the Kool-Aid man, cereal and 90's music to the pure moon. There is more random comedy coming your way in the second part of the show.



John David Williams - Apart, Together

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Danny Loecken and Croix Provence from Penguin Knife Fight stop by to do improve with Blackman. I don't even want to give away anything here but let's just say that thinking of random silly things to say happens most of the show. This is part of of all the crazy that happens. 

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Blackman had his Asian friends Tuyen Le and Peter on the show. They talked about there childhood, homeland and snacks. Tuyen used a banana leaf to get things done. Blackman is shocked about the price of food over in Vietnam. Everything from J-Pop to K-Pop and more on the show.


Peter's Info:



Chocolate Disco-Perfume English/Japanese lyrics

Kenichiro Nishihara - Get Inside Your Heart (ft. Pismo)

Tuyen Le - Down South

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