The Darkest Hour

On the show we had two females that tell it like it is. Vanessa Valdes help out with the medical questions while her good friend Melissa Collins help out with everything else. We talk about Ebola, give an update on my friend Meco, Zombie outbreaks and much more. If you want to hear women that love penis then listen to this show because you'll have more than you can handle.


The music at the end is by Kevin Felker and Anthony Cooper.

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Before we get into an hour of what's going on in the US. We talk about next weeks guest and tech news before jumping into the State of the Union address. An update in France when it comes to freedom of speech. American Sniper the movie vs the book. Plus oil prices and what is really going on with the cost. Then after all of that what games we're playing to close out the show.

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Cody Bush stopped in for a little, but on this show we had Andrew Myerson and Kristin Grice on the panel to talk about life, love and relationships. A podcast that should be about movies but turned into something more. Kristin and Andrew try to find what they're looking for in a person. Blackman talks about his past girlfriends and growing out being a cry baby. We learned that comedians are really fucked up but really funny. How to not be pushed around at work. Kristin talks about her new job and the pain she had to deal with in the past as well.

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On the show we talked about religions and what kind of effect they have on the world. The Je Suis Charlie attacks that made things worst for people faith and not better. Things that were over looked in the news, oil prices and much more. The show was shorter but still action packed.

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What do you get when you have 3 black guys and one Asian recording a podcast? One hell of a good time. Blackman talks about being screwed over in the comedy world while Drew talks about being stabbed. Blackman gives the low down went it comes to facing a bully while Ant talk about how New Years resolutions are dumb. Plus Drew makes people wonder what it would be like if Blackman ran for office one day.




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